• R&D

    Green technologies changing the approach to the HVACR industry. Solutions that use up to 99% less electricity compared to competitors.

  • Foundation

    We started to change the world for the better from our own yard - we teach, educate and help. And all this in the name of a better tomorrow.

  • Production

    All our projects require careful implementation. Product quality and lifetime is just as important as using a planet friendly solution.

  • Wholesales

    The easiest way to convince a customer who already trusts is the new solution. We build trust through our warehouses - for them the customer is the most important.

  • 4REF.eu

    Our wholesale network. 9000 products on offer, 100% satisfaction.

  • Ballu Poland

    Polish distribution of the Ballu brand - dedicated to the development and production of climatic and engineering equipment. In our group since 2018.

  • Kenro

    Own brand - liquids for heating and air-conditioning installations, as well as products from the R&D department.

  • Alutube Europe

    European distributor of pre-insulated aluminium pipes - sizes from 1/4" to 4 1/4".

  • Thermal air conditioners

    Jet technologies - 1000 km/h speed of refrigerant. All that in no usage of electricity.

  • Autonomous medicine refrigerator

    Perfect solution for developing countries. No more hassle to store your medicine.

  • Autonomous vending machines

    A cold drink in the middle of nowhere? It's possible with our vending machines.

  • Cold storage rooms

    Long-term food storage, drying products, expensive technology. Thanks to our solutions, these problems cease to exist.

  • Power plants

    New generation of power plant based on our version of the Rankine cycle.