Kenro Foundation was established in August 2019.

The establishment of the Foundation is an important element in the implementation of Poland's international obligations related to environmental protection. The organization of a system of recovery and regeneration of the so-called freons is one of the priorities in the implementation of the Montreal Protocol addressing the problem of substances that deplete the ozone layer. This document was signed in 1987 as a consequence of the Vienna Convention, which had been adopted two years earlier and to which the signatories undertook to undertake actions aimed at saving the ozone layer. Poland ratified the Protocol in 1990, and to date more than 180 countries have done so.
Moreover, the Foundation participates in international activities supporting research and development of new technologies, implements trainings for entrepreneurs of the inhabitants in the field of modern technological solutions in the HVACR industry, environmental protection and correct operation of equipment, which constitutes a significant part of our activities.

The plans for the near future include the development of the Foundation's services for training and certification F-GAZ, implementation of a system of purification, regeneration and utilization of refrigerants.

Our mission

The mission of the Foundation is to protect the Earth from the destructive action of man. The Kenro Foundation supports all activities leading to limiting the consumption of our planet (e.g. emission of global warming gases into the atmosphere (refrigerants with high GWP) and undertakes initiatives aimed at building ecological awareness.

Sources of funding

In order to fully implement our mission, i.e. the full range of training, the implementation of refrigerant regeneration systems, their purification and possible disposal, the Foundation requires significant financial outlays, and therefore it is seeking financial support from the Global Environmental Protection Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Foundation allocates the potential profits from its economic activity to the implementation of its statutory objectives.