Ballu Industrial Group is dedicated to the development and production of climatic and engineering equipment.

Long-standing experience, our own research centers and industrial base provide advanced technologies, quality and reliability which we embody in the products of the Industrial Group. All of these guarantee the stable development of the group today and success in the future.

Industrial group managed to occupy leading positions in Russian, CIS and Eastern European markets. Annually, the concern supplies more than 30 countries with more than 7 million produced units of climatic equipment among which are 2 millions of heat curtains, fan heaters and convectors, 5 millions of air conditioning and ventilation devices, humidifying and cleaning systems and more than 250,000 units of industrial climatic equipment including frame- and panel ventilation units, chillers, cooling towers, etc. All of these devices are manufactured both under own brands such as Ballu, Ballu Machine, Ballu-Biemmedue and for OEM trademarks.

Ballu SiberCool Research Lab has become the base platform for the development and testing of the Siber Cool Technology complex for reliable and efficient operation of equipment in an ultra-high temperature range, unstable power supply, design and commissioning errors.Partnership programs with leading universities and research institutes which are aimed to diversify participation in professional training, joint fundamental and applied researches are the main factors of Ballu SiberCool Research Lab’s success.

Factories and laboratories

  1. BALLU SIBERCOOL research laboratory – Russia, Kirzach

    The latest equipment development research center for northern climate zones was launched in the VentInzMash payment area in 2016. It includes low-temperature, acoustic, aerodynamic and hydraulic laboratories. The SiberCool laboratory has become the basic platform for the development and testing of devices using SiberCool technology to ensure reliable, efficient operation at very high temperatures, unstable power supply, design or installation errors.
    Partner programs with leading universities and research institutes, which aim to diversify participation in professional training, joint research are the main success factors of the Ballu SiberCool Research Lab.

  2. BALLU INNOVATIVE DESIGN LAB development laboratory – China, Shunde

    Center for the Development of Climate Equipment Technology and Industrial Design

    The basis for creating a product is a long process, from creating an idea to mass production. In close cooperation with factories, a team of marketers, industrial designers and engineers Ballu Innovative Design Lab develops and designs prototypes of innovative products that can meet the various tasks associated with climate management.
    Prototypes of new equipment undergo multi-stage tests in terms of ergonomics, safety and compliance with planned properties.

  3. Ballu Heat Lab Laboratory – Russia, Izhevsk

    Development and design of heating devices for industrial and domestic applications.

    Ballu Heat Lab performs tests of development, prototyping and certification of separate devices, details and models of experimental thermal devices.
    The plant’s design office completed 30 projects in 2017.


    The equipment produced by the enterprise is used in various sectors of the national economy, including the chemical, atomic and food industries.

    • Frame-panel installations
    • Monoblock installations
    • Duct fans
    • Network Elements
    • Automation cabinets
    • Chillers
    • Cooling towers
    • Drycoolery
    • Fire protection valves
  5. IZHEVSK HEATING EQUIPMENT factory – Russia, Izhevsk

    One of the largest factories for the production of domestic and industrial heating equipment in Russia. The plant is equipped with the most modern production lines and several unique patented technological solutions.

    They are produced here:

    • Air curtains
    • Electric heaters
    • Gas heaters
    • Electric heaters
    • Radiators
    • Air heating systems
    • Electric boilers
  6. BIG Factory – BALLU INDUSTRIAL GROUP – China, Shunde

    Is one of the largest plants for the production of home and professional heating equipment sold on international markets.

    The BIG factory produces a wide range of heating devices shaping a new vision of a comfortable environment.

    All products manufactured by the plant meet international and European quality standards. Thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies, the plant has become a world leader in the production of electric heaters.

    They are produced here:

    • electric heaters
    • infrared radiators
    • electric fan heaters
    • floor heaters
    • wall-mounted fan heaters
    • industrial air purifiers
    • purifying ventilation systems
  7. BALLU-BIEMMEDUE factory – Italy, Cherasco

    A long-term strategic partnership program between the Ballu industrial group and the world’s leading producer of heaters and heating systems Biemmedue S.p.A.

    As part of the program, a wide range of industrial heating devices has been created to adapt to the requirements of the European market and designed to work in the harshest climate conditions.

    Produced here are:

    • Portable industrial gas heaters
    • Portable industrial diesel heaters
    • Gas and diesel heaters with increased power